3 Less-Known Pekalongan’s Typical Culinary.

The mixture of Javanese, Arabic and Chinese cultures made Pekalongan a ‘rich’ coastal city; not only in terms of its cultural and coastal batik patterns–but also in its culinary traditions that are rich in flavor.

Pekalongan cuisine is not limited to soto tauto and sego megono, although both are among the most popular. The following three are worth a try by culinary connoisseurs who are visiting Pekalongan:

  1. Gule Kacang Ijo Pak Boy

Yes, mung bean curry (gule), not mung bean congee. This meal, that is influenced by the Arabic culture can be savored in front of Sorogenen Market, Pekalongan. The smoke from rows and rows of goat satay will be the first thing that welcomes you to the shop; which is located right on the roadside.

The idea of eating a serving of mung bean curry with goat satay may indeed sound odd. But it is not without reason that the restaurant–which has been going strong for 20 years–presents both of these menus side by side. The sweetness of the goat satay sauce was indeed a perfect pairing when combined with the savory mung bean curry–and it made this restaurant always full of visitors.

2. Mie-So

Usually, in Indonesia, noodle dishes are served with meatballs. But, what if noodles are served with melinjo nut’s (Gnetum gnemon) skin? Mie-So is one of Pekalongan’s other unique culinary delights that are worth tasting. In the local language of Pekalongan, ‘so’ is how they called the skin or outer layer of melinjo nuts. So, mie-so is noodles served with a sprinkling of melinjo skin on top. We can add another complementary side dish provided by the noodle seller according to our preference. Usually, ribs, meatballs, innards, and eggs are available. Of course, there are also various snacks and mendoan (tempe that is fried with flour) that are served on the table as your dining companions!

3. Es Sekoteng

In contrast to warm ‘sekoteng’ drinks in several other cities on Java, this ‘sekoteng’ is served cold. Pak Wok’s stall has peddled its es (iced) sekoteng since 1971. In this bowl of pink-syrupy ice drink, you can also find pieces of bread, ice cubes, Marie Regal biscuits, and raw rice-vermicelli. Just drop by at Jalan Memangan to enjoy Pak Wok’s es sekoteng. His humble stall is open from 9:00 – 16:00 and continue again from 17:00 – 02:00!