5 Spots for Coffee Lovers in Pekalongan

“Let’s have some coffee.”

Today, the phrase refers not only to the experience of drinking coffee, but also applies to the act of meeting friends, catching up while snacking, working outside the office, or even just relaxing and enjoying the surrounding atmosphere. For coffee (and coffee shop) lovers, here are some coffee spots in Pekalongan that might tickle your fancy:Cafe Pontjol, The Sidji Hotel

  1. Cafe Pontjol

This coffee shop is located inside The Sidji Hotel with its Colonial-Peranakan (Chinese) nuance. Set on a terrace of a 1920’s old house, this elegantly-appointed space filled with antiques and tinted with relaxing music holds a charm of its own. Either you’re sitting facing the dipping pool while reading a book, having fun with relatives and family members, or tasting the local delicacy of fried cassava or bananas accompanied by a cup of cappuccino, the cozy atmosphere of this coffee shop will make you stay longer than you previously intended. Prices are, surprisingly, quite friendly (although Cafe Pontjol is located inside a hotel); it doesn’t differ much with coffee prices at other coffee shops around the city.

2. Jong Coffee Shop

This coffee shop, located between the Arabian complex and the Chinatown, will satisfy coffee lovers. The shop at Jalan Semarang 5A is not only a coffee shop but also a roasting spot. Inside this cafe (that is conjured up from a dwelling house), you can also listen to the barista telling stories about the coffee you are drinking. If you love to have conversations about coffee or always eager to talk with people who are as passionate about coffee as you are, this is the place for you! Jong coffee shop also sells wide varieties of coffee beans to take home as a souvenir from Pekalongan.

3. Coffee & Beyond

Coffee & Beyond (located on Jalan Diponegoro 15) is one of those many coffee shops comfortably designed to accommodate coffee lovers who want to work, hang out, or even hold small-scale events such as reunions or birthday parties. Each corner of this industrial-style cafe is very photogenic; suitable for people who would like to perk up their Instagram feed. The full windows ensure the abundance of lighting if you’d want to work or take pictures. Their spacious outdoor location is also adorned with themed murals. The price is also very affordable. No wonder that the cafe–despite being a newcomer–has been quite popular among the youngsters of Pekalongan.

4. Kedai Sang Dalang

This spot is also known as Angkringan Sang Dalang. It’s well-known as a friendly place serving cheap (but delicious) local dishes, reflected in their slogans “humble with you”. Located on Jalan Binagriya Raya, the coffee shop presents a wide variety of local coffee drinks, such as Joss coffee (coffee with burning charcoal in it), coffee with condensed milk, and even the herb-laden Tahlil coffee–a typical coffee drinks from Pekalongan. Although the title ‘angkringan’ (cheap street-style stall) is pinned to their name, this coffee shop actually quite spacious and there’s even a small stage to provide live music entertainment.

5. Coffee Tahlil Gang XI Poncol

This is a must-try in Pekalongan: Tahlil coffee–black coffee that is served hot, mixed with various herbs. In the old days, this local coffee drinks from Pekalongan is served with spices to warm up the participants of tahlilan (group prayers). This gave the name of ‘Tahlil coffee’. One of the most popular coffee stalls serving Tahlil coffee is located in Gang XI Poncol. Once hitting the spot, the aroma of spices will immediately welcome you. A glass of hot Tahlil coffee is usually enjoyed while sitting cross-legged on a mat on the sidewalk. Fried tofu, tempeh, or cassava will accompany you enjoying your coffee-sipping evening in Pekalongan.

From a trendy coffee shop with charming interiors, a cozy cafe on the terrace of an old house, to a roadside coffee shop, you have so many coffee shops to visit in Pekalongan!