Giant Lopis Festival

Besides being known as the City of Batik, Pekalongan is also known as the City of Santri (Muslim scholars). With the majority of its population being Muslim, several religious traditions are still preserved in this city. One of them is Syawalan celebration.

In Pekalongan, Eid, as the biggest holiday of Muslims are commemorated not only for 1-2 days; but up to a week later. The end of the week of this celebration is called Syawalan. As a closing to such a festive period, Syawalan in Pekalongan was celebrated lively.

One of the interesting traditions that Pekalongan residents often anticipate every Syawalan is the Giant Lopis Festival. In Krapyak Village, Gang 8, the tradition of making lopis cakes–sweet and sticky cake made of rice flour– has been done for generations since decades ago.

Giant lopis cakes were made thanks to a collection of funds and labor from the residents of Gang 8 in Krapyak Village. All residents are involved during the process of making this giant lopis cake, which can take days. This process has brought such a warm family atmosphere and reflects the spirit of cooperation. “Sticky like lopis,” said the Chairman of RT Gang 8 describing his citizens.

At the Giant Lopis Festival, visitors will get pieces of lopis cakes that are distributed free of charge. Furthermore, residents around Kampung Krapyak also opened their homes for anyone who wanted to visit. Of course, these houses have been beautifully decorated and delicious snacks are served for the guests. The host will welcome anyone who stops by with a smile. The village was filled with a happy and festive atmosphere.

In 2019, the weight of the giant lopis of Krapyak reached 1.6 tons. Its height is 200 cm, with a diameter of 250 cm. The Governor of Central Java, Mr. Ganjar Pranowo, was also present at this festival. “This is not just about lopis (cake). The spirit of cooperation in its making process has become a unifying arena for our citizens. I will make this positive tradition go viral!”