Have You Ever Tried These 7 Typical Iced Dessert from Pekalongan?

Located on the north coast of Java Sea, Pekalongan is prone to hot weather, especially when the sun shines brightly and dry season hits. During those times, nothing is more fitting than seeking shelter and enjoying the variety of sweet, cold, and fresh ice desserts of Pekalongan. Which one would you like to try?

  1. Pink Gosrok Ice

“Pink gosrok ice, the ice was shaved by hand!”

That was an explanation from our local friend in Pekalongan when being questioned about his favorite ice stalls. Gosrok in Javanese means shaved. Pekalongan’s pink shaved ice consists of shaved ice, coconut milk, and a sprinkle of pink syrup (thus, the name)–served with a loaf of bread on top. You can dip it into the ice, or eat it on its own. This dessert can be found in Jalan Raya Banyuurip, south of Banyuurip Market.

2. Dawet Ketan Podo Ice

Dawet Ketan Podo Ice is also known as Dawet Mbah Ndari’s. Although it is located some distance away, in Kedungwuni, this legendary dawet ice is always full of customers. Dawet is a traditional soft jelly made of flour. In Dawet Ketan Podo Ice, the mixture of dawet and glutinous rice are drowned in creamy coconut milk sweetened with palm sugar. This ice dessert place is now being run by the third generation of the family. If you’re curious about its taste, visit the stall at Jalan Urip Sumoharjo 19, Podo, Kedungwuni. This ice stall also provides a variety of fries.

3. Pak Saleh’s Coconut-Milk Ice

After strolling around Pekalongan’s Batik Museum in the heat, why don’t you stop by at Jetayu Road? Retreating to the stall of Pak Saleh’s Coconut-Milk Ice can be an excellent way to ease your thirst. This ice dessert is simple, consisting only of black-grass jelly, bread, and gelatin that swim in a bowl of coconut milk, with a splash of sweetened condensed milk on top. It tastes heavenly!

4. Gubuk Merak Durian Ice

If you are a fan of durian, you can’t miss this one! The durian ice of Gubuk Merak is different from any other due to the way they serve the durian, without the seed. A seedless durian is drenched in coconut water tinted with framboise syrup and ice cubes, along with the meat of young coconut or avocado. So refreshing and tasty! There are other kinds of ice desserts served in Gubuk Merak stall, but of course, the most sought-after is the durian kopyor: durian ice with the shredded meat of young coconut.

5. Bandung’s Cendol Ice

“My cendol is different because it is made using tapioca flour!” said the cendol ice seller. Cendol is a traditional soft jelly made of flour, served with slices of jackfruit pieces and doused with coconut milk infused with the aroma of pandan leaves, sprinkled with brown sugar. Imagine the mixture of the sweet and savory taste of sugar and coconut milk that blends perfectly well! You don’t have to go all the way to Bandung to taste this legendary cendol ice, because it is available at Jetayu Field in Pekalongan!

6. Pak Jan’s Chocolate Ice

Pak Jan’s Chocolate Ice has been served since1962, so there is no doubt for its delightful taste! However, do not imagine a bowl of shaved ice doused in chocolate milk. Pak Jan’s chocolate ice mixes the savory taste of coconut milk with the sweet flavor of condensed chocolate milk. A slice of bread can also be purchased separately to be dipped into the ice. Don’t miss Pak Jan’s small chocolate ice stall when you pass it on Jalan Manggis!

7. Bali’s Kuwut Ice

Kuwut ice combines young coconut and slices of melon. Fresh? Wait until the seller squirts some lemon juice into the mix! Sometimes, basil seeds (almost similar in appearance and taste to chia seeds) are also sprinkled on top to give the ice a chewy and crunchy texture. Kuwut ice (which in Balinese means coconut ice) can be found around Pekalongan’s bus terminal. If you’re thirsty as you’re waiting for the bus, sipping kuwut ice might be an option!

Next time you’re struggling to battle the heat as you’re visiting Pekalongan, why don’t you visit some of these traditional iced-dessert stalls? Then don’t forget to let us know which one you enjoy the most!