Mangrove Park: The Green Belt of Pekalongan’s Beaches

The sun almost sets above the North Coast of Pekalongan. A row of mangroves on the right and left of the Pekalongan Mangrove Park Tourism Area lined up neatly, keeping the coastline save from abrasion.

Pekalongan Mangrove Park Tourism is a 90-hectare area that takes up a former shrimp farms belonging to the local Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Service. Since 2013, this land has been converted into an agrotourism area and the Center for Mangrove Restoration and Development (PPRM). Of the total 90 hectares, only 5 hectares have actually been completed. However, Mangrove Park can already be visited and enjoyed as one of the natural tourism destinations in Pekalongan.

In Pekalongan Mangrove Tourism Park, you can also find a Mangrove Information Center (PIM) – a red-brick building that also functions as a library. Various information about mangroves as well as mangrove collections can also be seen here. Right next to this building, there is a touch-pool planted with various types of mangroves such as Avicennia marina (or white vain) and Rhizophora stylosa (slindur).

Mangroves need painstaking care. The mangrove seed will be placed in a woven basket of bamboo called bronjong. Its function is to protect mangrove seedlings from tides. When walking through the Mangrove Park by the bridge, we can see the mangrove ‘babies’ nestled in their bronjong. Once they have grown tall and strong, these mangroves will protect the north coast of Pekalongan from abrasion.

If you are tired of walking, there is also a motorized rubber boat as a tourist vehicle to tour the Mangrove Park. With only Rp. 10,000, – per person, we can get around the mangrove area up close – on the water. Only with this rubber boat can we see the groves which at certain points form natural aisle-like passageways. It’s so beautiful that one of the mangrove aisles is called Lorong Cinta (The Tunnel of Love) by the locals.

If you want to take some pictures or admire the mangrove belt from the height, there is a viewing tower not far from the Mangrove Information Center building – which can only be occupied by 3 people at a time.
Pekalongan Mangrove Tourism Park is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic. Along the trail, local residents open small kiosks that can offer a cup of hot coffee, fried peanuts, or a bowl of steaming instant noodles. It is best enjoyed while watching the sunset over the mangrove park.