Martabak Ibrahim, The Legendary Taste of India in Pekalongan

What is the most legendary Martabak in Pekalongan? The locals, without a doubt, would reply: Martabak Ibrahim.

In fact, the martabak (can be somewhat likened to a thick crepe/pancake) known in Indonesia is slightly different from the martabak abroad. In Singapore or the Middle East, martabak usually refers to savory martabak; or egg martabak. This is in contrast to the sweet martabak variant in Indonesia, which resembles a thick dessert-pancake.

Martabak Ibrahim, at the corner of Jalan Dr. Cipto 43C in Pekalongan, deserves the title of ‘the legend’. The legitimacy of their greatness is visibly written on the surface of their packaging box: “It has been known since 1972 by the people of Pekalongan and the surrounding areas”.

The yellow-painted martabak stall on this side of the street has accompanied the locals of Pekalongan for almost half a century. Pak Ibrahim, who has an Indian descent, is a reliable chef who makes Pekalongan fall in love with the taste of India through the delicacy of his curry and homemade martabak.

Pak Ibrahim is the real evidence of the mix of culture in the coastal city of Pekalongan in the past, which has given birth to the various culinary delights with a distinctive taste.

For the people of Pekalongan, especially the ones who grew up in the 70s, Martabak Ibrahim is a piece of memory; capable of bringing back some nostalgic moments. However, where there are worshipers, of course, there are also haters.

There are some regular customers, like my father, who believes that the meat in Martabak Ibrahim is no longer as plentiful as it used to be. Perhaps, the ever-increasing price of meat is one of the main reasons.


Currently, Martabak Ibrahim has expanded its menu to include variants such as beef martabak, chicken, mushroom martabak, and even sweet martabak. Those options also come with four levels of luxury: regular, special, exclusive, and super. The ‘super’ martabak luxuriously uses four duck eggs! Can you imagine the richness of its taste?

Martabak Ibrahim is still made according to the original recipes from India that have survived for almost 50 years. So, we need to taste this martabak at least once, right? Watching the skillful way of Pak Ibrahim in preparing his martabak in his open kitchen, who would not want to taste a little bit of India in Pekalongan?

Martabak Ibrahim is open daily, from 4 pm to 10 pm.



Ibrahim Martabak

AddressJalan. Dr. Cipto Mangunkusomo No.43c, Keputran, Pekalongan Tim., Kota Pekalongan, Jawa Tengah 51128

Phone(0285) 431000