Minggon Jatinan: An Eco-Friendly Market in The Pine Forest

Hutan Kota Rajawali (Rajawali City Forest), commonly abbreviated as HKR, is a green open space in the middle of Batang City. This 2-hectare forest, which is overgrown with teak trees, is now also an arena for Pasar Minggon Jatinan – a traditional market that offers an experience to go back in time while tasting traditional culinary delights from Batang and Pekalongan.

Pasar Minggon Jatinan is a weekly market that is held under the shade of the teak trees of Hutan Kota Rajawali. Initiated by Madrasah of Business and PKK in Batang, Pasar Minggon Jatinan has been regularly held since April 2018.

Apart from offering traditional cuisine that can be enjoyed in the midst of the forest’s lush trees, Pasar Minggon Jatinan also offers another uniqueness: time-traveling to the past! Yes, here, the buying and selling process is carried out using coins made of clay, and called kreweng – a type of old coins used in the old days. “How many kreweng do you want, Miss? One is only two thousand rupiah,” said the officer on duty at the front desk.

Another extraordinary thing from Pasar Minggon Jatinan is their commitment to protecting the environment. Yes, sellers in this market are not permitted to use plastic packaging. They are replaced with traditional ones such as packagings from banana leaves or teak leaves. For glass, they use real glass or glass made from coconut shell. Plastic bags are replaced with bamboo baskets which can be bought at friendly prices.

The market, which opened at 6 in the morning, offers a variety of traditional foods and snacks, such as Serabi Kalibeluk, Wajik Klethek, Rujak Bebek, Mie Kenyol, Lumpia Siram Sambal Kacang, Jenang, Soto Buah Naga, Kopi lokal, and many more.

Oh, and there is another uniqueness of Pasar Minggon Jatinan! The sellers wear traditional clothes! The women in orange batik clothes, and the men in traditional stripe-clothes called lurik, and wearing blankon (traditional headpiece). Picnicking in the middle of the forest surrounded by delicious snacks while enjoying the friendly atmosphere of Pasar Minggon Jatinan in Batang can indeed be a fun choice to enjoy a Sunday in Pekalongan!