Sunset at Pasir Kencana Beach

As a coastal city, Pekalongan has several beaches that are suitable to be visited during sunset. Pasir Kencana Beach, which is only 4 km from downtown Pekalongan, could be an option.

From the entrance gate, visitors will be welcomed by a fish statue–an icon of Pasir Kencana Beach–surrounded by a stretch of pine trees. Usually, the locals will relax under the shade of these pine trees to enjoy a variety of snacks such as meatballs, soup noodles, spicy fruit salad, and fries.

Public facilities on this beach are also quite good, ranging from a wide parking area for motorbikes and cars, prayer rooms, and even toilets. Children, besides playing in the water, can also enjoy various rides such as slides, swings, seesaws, and many more.

At Pantai Pasir Kencana, visitors can also rent a duck boat that can be paddled in pairs, take pictures on the beach’s photogenic arch-bridge, or simply admire the beautiful sunset on the horizon.

All these facilities and experiences make the entrance fee of Rp.8,000, – / person seems valid.

On Friday Kliwon (Javanese calendar), not far from the motorcycle parking lot, a stage was built. Kliwonan Show is a fiesta that brings dangdut artists from various cities to accompany the locals dancing along the beach; enjoying the merriness of the music that blends with the waves in the distance.

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