Wonokerto Beach

“Welcome to Wonokerto Beach!”

This sign is a clue that the beach can be reached in just a few kilometers. Wonokerto Beach, which is located in Wiradesa Village, Pekalongan Regency, is only a 30-minute drive from Pekalongan City.

Before arriving at the beach, we can already enjoy the view of the fishing village with its fishing boats leaning along the estuary. Getting closer to the shoreline, the scenery changed to rows of traditional fish ponds along the left and right side of the road.

Wonokerto Beach was opened as a tourist destination in 2018. To enter the beach area, you need to pay an entrance ticket of IDR 2,000 per person and IDR 5,000 for a four-wheeled vehicle.


This is the first sensation we would feel once we set foot on Wonokerto Beach. The rows of pine trees on the shoreline shade this beach from the sun and make it beautiful at the same time.

Around the beach area, there is a pavilion and benches where visitors can relax while enjoying the sea breeze. There are also some quotable remarks, written as a background for people to take photos, as well as several other photo spots such as the stilt house. However, to take photos at the stilt house and some other photo spots by the beach, you have to pay extra. Not too expensive, only IDR 2,000, – per person.

Once you’re done taking pictures and playing in the water, it’s time to entertain your appetite by visiting some local food stalls around the beach. Eating your meals on wooden benches that are neatly arranged on the sand among the pine trees … it’s a suitable experience to be shared with our loved ones!